[imageeffect type=”frame” align=”alignright” width=”175″ height=”210″ alt=”Molding The Web” url=”” titleoverlay=”yes”]We believe Web Marketing shouldn’t be difficult or limited.  Having a search engine friendly website, optimized content, and a social media presence should be the foundation for any business’s presence on the Internet.

We don’t believe in limiting Website traffic.  It’s never done on purpose, but many Internet Marketing Campaigns focus solely on one source of traffic.  It’s great to rank high in the Search Engines, but these days it’s vitally important to have convertible “World of Mouth” traffic from Social Media.  We pride ourselves on always coming up with new and creative ways to improve our campaigns.

We also believe it is Very Important for our Clients to be behind the wheel of our Campaigns.  True success will come once a Client knows how to, and takes Ownership of their Web Marketing.  A little Personal Touch can go a long long way…only a Local SEO / Web Marketing Company can provide the hands on approach necessary to be successful.

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MainStreet Web Marketing is founded on 4 Core Beliefs.

1. Our Clients Come First…

MainStreet clients will always receive top notch Customer Service and Internet Marketing services.  We strive to surprise whether it’s returning a midnight email, conference calls, or an office visit.

2. Value, Value, Value…

MainStreet clients can count on transparent pricing. We do not base our prices on a perceived value to the client. Our cost is determined by the time, effort, and hard work needed to achieve our clients’ goals.

3. Business is Personal…

We take pride in our work, results, and our client relationships. We will always be honest, transparent, and dedicated to our clients. We will always protect our clients’ websites and online presence.

4. Win With Teamwork…

Eliminating waste and low ROI is key to successful marketing. MainStreet and our Partners are always on the same page, as a result your marketing efforts are organized, targeted, and profitable!

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