Why Google+ Should Matter To You

I could go on for a while about all the cool features and uses of Google+, but for the point of this post I’d like to address the main reason why website owners need to move Google+ to the forefront of their Social Media Strategy.

Google has made the calculated decision to integrate Social Media and Search.  They’ve been exploring the correct way to do this for a couple of years.  Now that Google has a successful (rightfully so) Social Media outlet they’ve figured out a way to accomplish this.  Google is on a never ending quest to provide the most relevant search results possible.  While it’s not a perfect science, there’s a good chance that a search result, website, etc… relevant to your social network/friends would be relevant to you.  That line of thinking has sky rocketed the importance of Google+ and their +1 feature.

What this means for website owners…

The integration of social media +1’s, likes, shares, connections, friends, etc… into search results means that your investment in social media could finally have a major impact on your website’s search engine rankings.  Your actions can influence the search results of everyone of the people you’re connected with via Google+.  Furthermore, should one of your friends +1 or share your website it could effect their friends search results…people you may not know.  In other words, search just went viral.

An Example:  Let’s say you have a friend that runs an internet marketing company (we’ll call this guy MainStreetCool).  Since MainStreet is your friend, and runs a great business you have shared or +1’d MainStreet’s website while logged into a Google product.  Now, let’s say you have another friend (friend-A) who owns a business with a website but doesn’t know anything about MainStreet.  Should friend-A go to Google and search “internet marketing company” there’s a really good chance that MainStreet’s website will be one of the first few search results b/c you are connected to them socially whether that be via a friends list, shared content, or +1’s.  Seeing the potential here yet?

Another Reason Google+ Matters…

I’m not fan of this decision at all, but Google Analytics has decided to hide the keyword source used to visit your website if the user was logged into a Google product at the time of the search.  You’ve probably noticed this in the keywords section of your analytics marked as “Not Provided”.  One of our clients had 40% of their search traffic last month return a keyword source of “Not Provided”.

What this change to Google Analytics means is…You may not know what keyword the user used to find your site, but you should make sure you’re doing everything possible to effect the results Google returns to logged in users.

In summation, Google+ has become very important…just do it!

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