Pinterest is A Big Deal

If you haven’t heard of Pinterest before more than likely you’re male, because I don’t know any women (active on the internet) who don’t know what Pinterest is.  I’m going to keep this as short and sweet as possible, but I’ll put some links for additional information at the end of the post.

Here’s what you need to know about Pinterest…

Pinterest is a social media website that combines shopping, window shopping, product/interest sharing, and customer feedback into one easy to use and visually appealing masterpiece.

The Quick Guide:

  • Pinterest is like digital scapbooking.
  • Users create “Boards” based on their interests.
  • Users then “Pin” images (with descriptions) of their interest to a related board.
  • Users can share their Pins, browse their friends’ Pins, and follow other users’ Pins.
  • Users can review or comment on Pins.
  • Pins are linked to websites which can be accessed by simply clicking the image.

While that is a very basic overview hopefully it gets the overall point across.  What you need to know is that due to it’s visual appeal, product information, and sharing features Pinterest has taken off;  especially amongst the biggest purchasing power demographic out there…WOMEN.  No offense meant towards our better halves, but talking about their favorite products, recent purchases, and window shopping  is something 90% of women have in common.

Now that you understand what Pinterest is, and why it appeals to women; the next sentence in this post is probably coming into view.

Pinterest is driving massive amounts of traffic not only to websites, but their brick and mortar counterparts as well.

A Few Amazing (3rd Party) Pinterest Stats:

  • Pinterests unique visits grew 400% from Sept to Dec in 2011.
  • Pinterest reportedly drives more traffic to 3rd party sites than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined…WOW!
  • According to Shareaholic, Pinterest ranks 4th in referral traffic behind Facebook, Stumbleupon, Google, and Twitter.

Pinterest isn’t done growing, and is really just starting to catch on.  So, the bottom line is…if you’re a retail business Pinterest should be near the top of your list of Social Media that you need to be a part of.  Currently you need an invite to join.  So if you need one let us know, and you can begin Pinning!

For more information on Pinterest, or the sources for this post please visit: