Observations On Yahoo’s Purchase Of Tumblr

By Erica Gregory Was This A Wise Acquisition By Yahoo Well of course Yahoo’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, thinks so.  She told CNBC viewers that all of the methodologies used supported the valuation for the deal.  Tumbler has some ...

Dog Trainers Workshop - Greenville, SC

Dog Trainers Workshop – Greenville, SC

We're huge animal lovers at MainStreet so we jumped at the chance to work with the team at Dog Trainers Workshop. The rest as they say, is history b/c DTW's organic search rankings now dominate their market.

Monaghan Co – Clemson, SC

Monaghan Co. turned to MainStreet for a complete website redesign with customized property listings and search engine optimization. Within 120 days of the launch of their new website the first page rankings began to roll in.

American Eagle Builders - Greenville, SC

American Eagle Builders – Greenville, SC

We were fortunate to be involved in the development of their redesigned website which is an ideal situation from an SEO standpoint. This means every page is developed with user & search engine friendliness at a premium.

EquilifeMD – Greenville, SC

Facing an uphill battle with established competitors heavily involved in local marketing, EquilifeMD turned to MainStreet and we surprised even ourselves when we were able to report local and national first page placement within 90 days of website launch.

General Air Conditioning – Greenville, SC

Whether it's their outstanding customer service, or state of the art employee training facility General AC is committed to excellence. That made General AC and MainStreet a perfect match when their new website launched. We delivered as we always do.

Caesars Head Showcase – SC

Tom Marchant is the foremost real estate expert when it comes to Caesar Head real estate, so it's only fair his site be the #1 ranking real estate site in Caesars Head. Consider it done!

Loose Lucys – South Carolina

Loose Lucys enjoys first page placement in a very competitive SEO market. Our relationship has gone so well, in 2013 Mainstreet will take over full time operations of the Loose Lucys website and a brand new ecommerce brand and website set to launch in late 2013.

Marchant Company - SEO Greenville, SC

Marchant Company – Greenville, SC

MainStreet put Marchant Company on the path to internet marketing success. Real Estate SEO is as tough a search engine market as you’ll find. In addition to SEO, there are only a few million options to sort through when marketing real estate online. The key to success lies in planning, strategy, and experience.

Solar Tan – Greenville, SC

After enjoying some 1st page placement SolarTanSC.com decided to move their website to MainStreet. Now Solar Tan enjoys #1-#3 rankings for virtually every search term that brings customers in the door. Keli herself will tell you that their website is the #1 driver of business.

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