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Greenville Based Internet Advertising & Digital Marketing

Dedicated To Serving Main Street America

Drive Traffic To Your Website

Our website design, digital marketing, and advertising strategies are designed to increase your website’s traffic. But we don’t stop there.

Convert Traffic To Leads

Increased website traffic is great, but ultimately means nothing if that traffic doesn’t convert and result in a positive return on investment.

Analyze, Optimize, Report

We provide actionable data to keep your, improve your website, optimize the campaign for success, and keep your business moving forward.

Proven Experience Exceptional Value

Eleven years ago we changed Internet Marketing in the Greenville area by introducing a different business model catering to Mom & Pop businesses just like ours.

Concierge service, incredible value, and amazing customer service.

Turnkey Marketing & Design

Turnkey and custom tailored marketing services available.

Digital Presence Tune Up

Every client receives a deep dive analyzing their business’ overall digital presence.

Campaign Reporting

Monthly campaign reports showing tasks, results, leads, and more.

Integrated Marketing

Our services integrate with existing marketing campaigns and/or 3rd parties such as a web designer.

Search Engine Optimization & Website Management

At MainStreet SEO is our bread and butter. All MainStreet Search Engine Optimization plans include website management as to not incur 3rd party webmaster fees and insure campaign success.

MainStreet's SEO Fundamentals

  • Client Business Discovery
  • In Depth Keyword Research
  • Detailed Competitor Research
  • Complete Website Audit
  • On page & off page SEO

MainStreet's Technical SEO

  • Website Security Optimization
  • Website Performance Optimization
  • Mobile Responsive Optimization
  • Google Search Console Optimization
  • Website Architecture & Code Optimization

Sky Rocket Results

  • Increased Website Traffic
  • Increased Website Leads
  • Digital Presence Organization
  • Improved Website Security
  • Improved Website Performance

We Also Offer The Below Services

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Social Media Marketing

We create, consult, and/or implement social media marketing campaigns.

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Mobile friendly and well built website design services.

Internet & Digital Advertising

Advertise on Google, Facebook, Instagram, your favorite streaming service, and more.

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